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it's a bi-weekly podcast of at least somewhat interesting game creators.

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Listen to our episodes here:

tally and brin (still with a bad mic) talk about national parks, money, divination, coffee shops and skeletons going to coffee shops.
i promise my mic will get better one day.
shownotes, this time organised.
mer talks to brin, who has a very bad microphone this epsiode about waking up late, langauges, game a week, style, last names and more.
shownotes, as always, are here
milkman is lactose intolerant, but not cool-game-making intolerant. we talk about milk, birds, weirdly popular games and the hit game that is aligator on fire simulator!
shownotes are here
ash talks and so does brin sometimes. about juice, thumper, too many projects and more.
shownotes are here
we talk to our friend pancelor about the cool pico-8 stuff they do.
shownotes are here
you can never leave.